Pixela Bird

Record and Track your habits or effort.
All by API.

Pixela is the API service. With this service, you can get a GitHub like graph that expresses the degree of your daily various activities on a basis with a vivid gradation. All operations are performed by API. And, it's free.

Case Study

Deploy Count Graph

Visualize the number of deployments of your application.

  • Very good compatibility with CI/CD services
  • Not only for measurement but also for appeal

Number of pages book read

Visualize your habits. For example, book reading.

  • Available from smart speakers, or from iOS shortcuts, and so on.
  • There is also iOS/iPadOS App.
  • Pixela will be your follower.

Daily weight gain and loss

Visualize your efforts, Let yourself be encouraged.

  • Pixela can also record and visualize negative values.
  • Pixela supports incoming webhooks.

Use Pixela according to your purpose

Pixela is a tool or service that has various aspects depending on how you use it.

As a recording tool, as a visualization tool. Sometimes, as a full-managed day-series database.

Use Pixela freely without being bound by stereotypes.

As a record
As a Visualization
As a Day-series DB

How do I use Pixela?

Pixela's service interface provides only the RESTish API.
Dive into the world of Pixela from the console on your machine!

Create your user account

Call /v1/users API by HTTP POST.

$ curl -X POST https://pixe.la/v1/users -d '{"token":"thisissecret", "username":"a-know", "agreeTermsOfService":"yes", "notMinor":"yes"}'
Create a graph definition

Call /v1/users/<username>/graphs by HTTP POST.

$ curl -X POST https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know/graphs -H 'X-USER-TOKEN:thisissecret' -d '{"id":"test-graph","name":"graph-name","unit":"commit","type":"int","color":"shibafu"}'
Get the graph!

Browse https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know/graphs/test-graph ! This is also /v1/users/<username>/graphs/<graphID> API.

Post value to the graph

Call /v1/users/<username>/graphs/<graphID> by HTTP POST.

$ curl -X POST https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know/graphs/test-graph -H 'X-USER-TOKEN:thisissecret' -d '{"date":"20180915","quantity":"5"}'
Browse again!

Browse https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know/graphs/test-graph, again!

You can also find out more about.

You can get more information by adding .html to the end of the URL on Step.6 at it in your browser! (https://pixe.la/v1/users/a-know/graphs/test-graph.html)

The API used here is only a small part. Use Pixela efficiently with a simple and easy API!

Pixela API Document

There is also iOS/iPadOS App (third-party app).

Ready to get started? It's fast, free and very easy!